Sep 132013

Just in time for YarnCamp this weekend, I finished the second of my knitted zombie dolls. This guy has hair like mine 😉 He stands (or maybe “slouches” would be a better word for it) about 25 cm tall and has a removable head and arms like the Dracula doll. His stomach and intestines tend to spill out from the pocket in his abdomen that was meant to contain them. He tends to lurch instead of walk, and is always looking for something live to gnaw on.


Like an idiot, I left him alone for a few minutes in my office. He promptly started crawling after my Droid and was just about to start dismembering it when I caught him, red-handed, in this picture:

Zombie Droid Apple

Luckily, I was able to save the Droid in the nick of time. Whew!

I promised the zombie I would bring him, along with Count Dracula, to YarnCamp on the weekend. He thinks he’ll get a free meal out of it, but he might only get a mouthful of lambswool. Ha ha ha! Looks like we are both looking forward to YarnCamp.